understate_ment (understate_ment) wrote in dorkitude,

Valentines Day is coming up soon

I dont think anyone will ask me

Makes me sad =(

^ I title that one....Tree! ^

Will you have a valentine?

^ Thats my personal profile. If I appeal to you, hit me up.

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Take yourself out on a date. I'm single too, but this year instead of mourning it, I'm celebrating the fact I don't have to deal with opposite sex bullshit, spending money on someone else (when its me that really counts), and I"m not going to hurt his feelings when I don't want to date him anymore.

That's the life of a dork. :-)

Sounds like a plan. I'd love to buy myself some hot hollister shirts, some type of coffee/mocca/frapachino thing and take more pictures.

Thanks =)
You'll have to let me know how your date goes.
I hope I dont blow it. I can be so hot sometimes ;)
Just be yourself. Personal impressions are best.
Hey guess what? I had a date <3 and it wasnt me
~Sigh~ you're really not a dork then :-)
I much enjoy the chair picture.
=( I think it would of been better if the chairs were in the middle of the window. I like the columns one myself with the gate at the end, and Tree!, just because of that clear sky.
i loved the chairs out of this series
liar =(
yeah me too, and the third one
remember that it's hallmark's fault for making you feel this way...